About Jorg

Jorg Wijnen is a dietitian, writer and self-proclaimed chef who has a knack for uncovering the truth and is not afraid to challenge misinformation.


 He specializes in the immune system and disease prevention using scientifically proven dietary & lifestyle strategies. Jorg simplifies complicated science and makes it more  relatable with the help of analogies.


Disappointed with the health information available during the pandemic, he wrote COVID-19 Home Remedies and Prevention: Myths & Truths and the more extensive, soon to be released Immunity Hi, Virus Bye-Bye: Proven Strategies to Optimize Your Immune Health During Pandemic Times to empower others taking matters into their own hands.

Jorg makes, arguably, world's healthiest and yummiest cookies, and meditates, a lot. His wife is overjoyed she married a health & wellness nut, some of the time. 

Reach out to Jorg here on well-thy-health.net, on facebook or send him an email at info@well-thy-health.net and pray it will end up in his inbox.

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