Jorg is a dietician whose goal is to use lifestyle medicine for the wellbeing of others

From Jorg:

I have two goals in life and I'm proud to say I've accomplished one of them; to forgive anyone who can't pronounce my name correctly. I simply tell people to call me "George."

I refuse to use this spelling, though (for I fear the wrath of my creators; Mom and Dad). 

Regarding my second goal, I wish for all beings to live in a world free of suffering. I say this with a clear mind, while being sober (although I can be delusional, at times, according to my dog). 

Despite the fact I rely on words to convey my message (who doesn't?), I don't place a lot of value in them in daily life. Yes, the irony. That's because I value actions significantly more. Words, not accompanied by actions, are like air in the wind... I normally use better metaphors, I promise.

My point is, if you don't (try and) act in alignment with your words, then there's no way to create meaningful change. Unless, of course, you vowed to remain silent and take wise actions on a daily basis. Funnily enough, I'm normally a lot wiser when I stop talking. 

I try to use everything I've learned (and will learn) to create the change I want to see, but making lots of mistakes in the process. Like just now, when I made a typo. After all, I'm only human. I've been told.

Our mind is the key in how we experience life – how we deal with the pleasant and the unpleasant. The clearer the mind, the clearer the action. Meditation, mindfulness affect our mind directly, but the food we put into our mouths and our health have a huge impact as well.

I've seen this time and time again.


So, for me it's clear:

With everything I do, I want to encourage you to take care of yourself, your body and mind. In return, I hope that you can encourage me to do the same. Together, we can create any world we want.

Preferably one where we all eat healthy cookies. Like the ones I make. They're awesome. Really. Or so I've heard. From my mom.

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