Would you agree protection against Covid-19 is paramount?

What about cancer? Or heart disease? What do all of them have in common?

The answer is simple:

The better our natural protective system operates, the better we can protect ourselves from any of these diseases.

The secret doesn't lie in pills or potions, but in the decisions we make on a daily basis; the food we put in our mouths; and the lifestyle choices we make.


In Immunity Hi, Virus Bye-Bye you'll learn:

  • how to support your immune system in the most effective way; 

  • how to implement the changes you want;

  • how to increase your motivation so you can achieve any goal you set.  

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Did you know that what we eat has a significant influence on our immune cells,  or white blood cells?​

You might wonder: "Why does that matter"?

Our white blood cells are—by far—the largest component of our immune system. Who do you think takes out the bad guys, such as viruses? Or even cancer cells for that matter?

Would you like your immune cells to work for you or against you?

If not properly taken care of, they can actually cause your immune system to overreact. A sad example is the complications that arise among some Covid-19 infected patients.

In The Secret to Healthy Immune Cells you'll learn:

  • How to nurture your immune cells with diet;

  • the role of antioxidants and how to make use of them;

  • the fat that heals and the fat that harms.


The Secret to Healthy Immune Cells  is —in large—part of Immunity Hi, Virus Bye-Bye (IHVBB). I've made it free, because it's not as extensive as IHVBB. However, it still contains essential information that I recommend you to read if you want to improve your health but get easily overwhelmed with information.

Have you always believed that being cold would make it easy for you to come down with a "cold"?

Do you think that chicken soup can produce wonders whenever a virus gets the better of you?

Interestingly, beliefs such as these are considered common knowledge around the globe.

Here's the problem with that:

Some of them are only partially true and some are just plain false.

"What does that have to do with Covid-19?" you might wonder.

Many home remedies originating out of these beliefs are being used among Covid-19 patients in the hope they'll have some effect. In some cases, this can be irresponsible.

Covid-19 Home Remedies and Prevention won't discuss what options you have to prepare and strengthen your immune system as the other two books do, but you will learn:

  • which common beliefs are false; and

  • which ones contain some truth;

  • to make informed decisions whenever you or your loved ones are sick