Coco Berry Oats

 You want something that looks nice, tastes good, and is easy to make?


Well, coconut and blueberries form a perfect combo for your oatmeal.

When you're ready to go to sleep, put on your favorite superhero pajamas to get into the mood.

Head over to the kitchen to lay the foundation of your breakfast. It only takes 1 minute!


If your partner made fun of your jammies, prepare only 1 serving.

Let's see who's laughing in the morning...

Then eat your magical breakfast wearing your super jammies, just to rub it in. 

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Ingredients for 2 servings:

  • 150 g of oatmeal*

  • 500 ml of (plant)milk**

  • 30 g or 2 heaping tbsp of chia seeds

  • 2 small boxes (125 g x 2) of blueberries

  • 20 g of shredded coconut


  • A small handful of dried fruit or to taste***


  1. You're ready to get into bed, but you forgot you're gonna have Coco Berry Oats in the morning. Silly you.

  2. You make your way into the kitchen in your comfy superhero pajamas.

  3. Put the oats, liquid and chia seeds all in a bowl. Stir and cover. Don't stain your jammies.

  4. If you like your oats' sweetness to be more intense you take 3 / 4 small dates or a small handful of raisins and cover them with water.

  5. Put oats and dried fruit in the fridge.

  6. "Wow", you're thinking to yourself. "That was easy."

  7. You go to sleep knowing you are gonna be fully revitalized in the morning with this amazing breakfast.

  8. You lie down and start snoring immediately.

  9. That annoys your partner.

  10. Right away, you start dreaming about unicorns and blueberries, so you're all good.


  11. In the morning you wake up refreshed and you make your way to the fridge, still in your super jammies.

  12. You take out the bowl of oatmeal.

  13. You wash the blueberries and keep a few separate for the topping.

  14. You split the oatmeal into 2 parts.

  15. One part can be mixed with coconut and one part can be mixed with blueberries.

  16. The coconut part can be mixed without blending (unless you want everything to be smooth).

  17. The blueberry part needs to be blended.

  18. For a smooth & sweet mixture, add the dried fruit to the part you are going to blend.

  19. For easier blending, use a tamper to push everything down.

  20. Both parts will be pretty thick. This way they can be layered on top of each other.

  21. You can add a little bit of liquid if you prefer it to be more liquidy, but be careful with that. It could backfire and make your layers lose their firmness.

  22. It works best if you first put the thickest part inside a glass, or jar, followed by the less thick part. In this case, the blueberry part will be slightly thinner (due to the water content of the berries), so it could be the top layer.

  23. Top it off with blueberries and some extra coconut shreds if you so desire.

  24. Voila, you're done.

  25. You notice what a splendid job you did. Those blueberries on top are looking fantastic.

  26. Now, quickly get out of the kitchen before your spouse comes in, who is probably moody because of your loud snoring all night.

  27. You manage to escape just in time. Great job.

  28. Your partner walks into the kitchen.

  29. You hear loud shouting.

  30. You realize you left without cleaning up.... again.

  31. Seriously, what were you thinking?!

  32. Okay, you have one more chance to make it up...
  33. Quickly set the table...

  34. Place the Coco Berry Oats on the table and take out the rose petals you've stored in the cabinet for emergencies like this. 

  35. Time's running out. You better hurry...

  36. You try to place the rose petals strategically, in the shape of a heart, but the moody voice is coming closer.

  37. You get nervous and just toss the rose peddles onto the table.

  38. Darn, some rose peddles fell into the Holy Coco Berry.

  39. You quickly take them out, but your nervousness, makes you slightly less coordinated and you grab out a few blueberries by mistake.

  40. You then suddenly notice some tiny moist drops on the surface of the blueberries, sparkling in the light of the rising sun...

  41. They really do look magnificent...

  42. It reminds you of the wonderful dream you had last night when you were riding a unicorn through the forest, plucking blueberries left and right.

  43. As you are reliving that wonderful experience, you can't resist but tasting those wonderful blue little miracles.

  44. The joy you're experiencing is indescribable...

  45. You hold the Coco Berry in your hands and place it before your heart, thanking heaven for this delight...

  46. Your partner enters the room and sees you enjoying the holiness called Coco Berry.

  47. Your partner then also sees the table full of ugly withered leaves...

  48. Why on earth did you use dried leaves? Next time have the decency to buy some fresh flowers.

  49. More anger is building up within your spouse...

  50. This is not looking good...

  51. Thankfully, you made two Coco Berries, right?!

  52. Nobody can stay mad with one of these. Lucky you.

  53. Oh, wait...

  54. You only made one...

  55. Well, good luck with that...

  56. ...enjoy the rest of your day.


Topped with only blueberries

Topped with coconut shreds and blueberries



* Instant oatmeal or quick cooking oats can turn out a little stickier than rolled oats.

If you really can't seem to blend the mixture, add a splash of water and try again. Be careful not to add too much or your tower of layers will collapse.

** You can use any milk you want, but be aware that cow's milk lowers the antioxidant content of the berries, thus negating some of the health benefits blueberries have to offer.


*** There is no fixed amount, but a small handful of raisins could add quite a bit of sweetness.

Dates are also great to use. 4 small dates could also add that same sweetness.

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