Creamy tomato Almond Sauce

A delicious tomato sauce that lends its creaminess to almonds.

Serve this alongside your most hated vegetable and actually make it palatable. Try it out on your kids first, before you attempt to be all adventurous. It's like putting on the oxygen mask on the airplane yourself first, before you attempt to help others. Okay, that made little sense, but what does make sense is this creamy goodness on your food. That's right!

Ingredients for 2 servings:

  • 240 g tomatoes*

  • 40 g of almonds or almond flour**

        Ratio tomatoes : almond = 6 : 1

  • ½ clove of garlic

  • ½ tsp of soy sauce

  • 2 small dates

  • Green herbs to taste (eg: oregano, chives, rosemary)***



  • ½ cm piece of ginger



  1. Put on an apron. Preferably one with tomatoes on it, to get in the mood.

  2. Bless your ingredients by saying thank you to every single individual ingredient.

  3. If you thought you could get away with one single blessing for all almonds, think again.

  4. Put the tomatoes in the blender first. 

  5. If you put in a whole, huge tomato, you might want to take it out and cut it into a few smaller pieces.

  6. Blend shortly.

  7. Let's hope you put on the lid, before you started pressing buttons.

  8. Add all the other ingredients.

  9. Blend until smooth.

  10. Voila, creamy goodness at your disposal.



*Sweet cherry tomatoes are a good match for this recipe. Plus they are small, so you just toss them into the blender straight away. Mind you, after blessing every single tomato.

And toss them with some respect.

**Almond flour is the easiest to use because it's soft and blends easily.

Regular almonds are.... well, not soft. 

If you have a high powered blender you can blend them anyway, because high-powered blenders are just that sexy.

If you have a less sexy blender, you may want to soak the almonds for 1-2 hours, before you attempt to blend them.

***Pick your favorite fresh or dried green herbs to add extra flavor and anti-inflammatory properties to this recipe. don't go overboard with the herbs, cause they might overpower all the other flavors. Add a little during blending and then taste and adjust.

We used fresh chives for this one.

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