Edgy veggy pancake wedgy

This edgy pancake supplies you with, not only wholesome nutrition, but also with a serving of (scientifically proven) immune strengthening veggies ready to start your day.


It allows you to show off, displaying how cool it is to eat some veggies for the first meal of the day. You will be held in high regard by all your co-workers, who will worship you with conviction.

This my friend, is an absolute guarantee.


Although the protein content of this pancake is sufficient for the average person, it can be made 'high protein' as well, as you can see down below. 

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Ingredients for 1 serving (2 pancakes):

Pancake ingredients:

  • 100 g or about 3 oz. of cornflour* (for high protein use 50 g of lentils and 50 g of corn flour

  • 10 g or 1 tbsp of ground flax seeds**

  • 200-250 ml of water***

  • 100 g or 3 oz. of broccoli

  • 1 bell pepper

  • 1 clove of garlic

  • 1 clove-like size of ginger

  • Spices you enjoy (curry powder, tandoori powder or other masala you enjoy)

Edgy veggie pancake wedgy2.jpg

Instructions for regular version:

  1. Wear a pair of comfy undies.

  2. Prepare a big bowl for mixing.

  3. Add cornflour to the bowl.

  4. If you didn't read the 'notes' section down below and you used corn starch instead of cornflour, then slap yourself. Just not too hard, cause that would just be weird.

  5. Add ground flax, clove, ginger and spices to the bowl.

  6. If you added the garlic and ginger whole (unchopped), amuse us and let us know.

  7. Cut up the broccoli and bell pepper finely.

  8. Add veggies to the cornflour.

  9. Mix well.

  10. Add the water.

  11. Mix again using a spoon.

  12. On second thought, use a whisk.

  13. Put a flat pan or skillet on the stove and set it on low-medium heat.

  14. If you have 2 pans, then prepare 2.

  15. If you have no pan at all, then ask yourself why you're reading this. If you have, proceed to #14

  16. If you need to add oil to your pan, by a new one. Better yet, buy 2.

  17. Add the runny, veggie chunk containing batter to the pan(s).

  18. Press it down and shape it with a spoon or fork.

  19. You have about 5 minutes before you have to flip it, so if you need to pee, go now.

  20. Don't forget to wash your hands when you come back.

  21. Use a flat spatula to see if you can separate the pancake from the pan. 

  22. If somebody is in the room, impress him/her by  grabbing the pan's handle with your toes and ninja-flip it.

  23. If you managed to do this, send us a video and receive our praise. If you saw this message only after you ninja-flipped it, I hope it taught you to read ahead.

  24. If nobody is there, you may use a spatula to flip it.

  25. Don't bother sending a video, we don't care.

  26. Wait for another 5 minutes or so or until you're pleased with the color.

  27. Serve it.

  28. Enjoy it.

  29. If you have a job, go to work and tell your colleagues you already had a serving of veggies.

  30. If they didn't have any, look down on them.

  31. Roll your eyes, to make it clear how you feel.

  32. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Instructions for high protein version:

  1. Substitute lentils for half of the cornflour.

  2. That's about 50 g, because 100:2=50.

  3. I hope you knew that.

  4. Blend the lentils up until they are pulverized. You don't need a fancy blender for this.

  5. mix lentil flour with corn flour and proceed with #5 of the regular instructions.



*= Corn flour​ is flour made from whole corn. Don't mix that up with corn starch, which is, as the name implies, only starch. Starch is a refined food with a low nutritional content.

**= Flax seeds can replace eggs, by giving the pancake a slightly soft and mushy texture, like eggs normally do.

They offer healthier fats and more antioxidants as a bonus.

***= Start with the lowest amount of water. If, for some reason, you have to wait some time after you have already prepared the batter, the batter might thicken up a little. In that case add a little bit of water.

Time-saving tips​:

If you cut up the veggies before you go to bed and place them in a water filled and covered container, you can store them overnight.

In the morning you only have to mix it with the flour and spices.