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Take matters into your own hands and start optimizing your immune system, your health and your wellbeing.


Jorg Wijnen is a trained dietitian who uses research and fun analogies to back up his COVID-19-fighting, immunity-boosting recommendations. This book is full of everyday value and knowledge from his clinical practice with clients. He shows us through examples how to make healthful changes in diet and lifestyle. 

– V. Valentine, editor and writer

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Maintaining our health has never been more important than in these trying times. Jorg Wijnen, dietician, comes to our aid, outlining simple and easy steps to follow to keep our defenses up.

– Bernardo Ertl



Immune system

You learn understanding the immune system—in the shortest amount of time possible—so that you know how to optimize it or keep it in optimal condition.  

Diet & Lifestyle

You learn the effects that diet and lifestyle have on your immune system and  utilize them to your advantage.


Thorough research has laid the foundation of all the chapters in this book. The literature in the back of the book comprises almost 15% of the total content.

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Jorg is a dietician whose goal is to use lifestyle medicine for the wellbeing of others

I want to encourage you to take care of yourself; both your body and your mind. In return, I hope that you can encourage me to do the same.

Together, we can create any world we want. 

Preferably one where we all eat healthy cookies. Like the ones I make. They're awesome. Really. Or so I've heard. From my mom.


Read more about Jorg here

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A pleasant read, despite English not being my native language. I like that the subjects are all well-researched.  As a result of this book I have gained some surprising new insights, enabling me to let go of some of my old beliefs.

– J. Vissers, nurse 

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