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Before COVID-19 emerged, there were countless folk tales and beliefs on what things helped us during times of sickness, caused by virus infections.


Some of these things—despite having survived for hundreds or even thousands of years—can't be considered true according to modern science. However, certain things do contain truth.


Whether or not they contain truth, they are still very much alive today. Perhaps not surprising, therefore, that some of them are believed to affect COVID-19 as well; after all, it is a virus infection ...

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Nutritionist Jorg Wijnen provides us with a refreshing and detailed evaluation of some well-known home remedies. Factual and knowledgeable but infused with his own very likeable style makes this an interesting and breezy read. In his engaging manner he sets out to answer one question: "Was Grandma right after all?" 

Bernardo Ertl – Reviewer

A pleasant read, despite English not being my native language. I like that the subjects are all well-researched. As a result of this book I have gained some surprising new insights, enabling me to let go of some of my old beliefs.

J. Vissers – Reviewer

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About the Book


You've been told:

  • "Don't go outside without a jacket, otherwise you'll catch a cold!"

  • "When you catch a cold, you should drink some hot tea with honey."

  • "Have some chicken soup, and you'll feel better in no time."

Interestingly, some of these beliefs are common in

just about every country around the globe.

This book explores the scientific accuracy behind world's most common beliefs in relation to virus infections and how that translates to COVID-19.


COVID-19 Home Remedies and Prevention:

Myths &Truths consists of two parts:

  1. The effectiveness of home remedies, such as chicken soup, honey, ginger, and lemon.

  2. The true effects of cold on our immune system.

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