DON'T Worry About Pesticides, WORRY About Apple Peels

It's breakfast time and you are about to have cereal with milk but for some reason, today you decide to eat an apple for breakfast.

You waddle to the fridge, grab the apple and then a thought hits you - "peeling an apple is so annoying but i'm worried about pesticides."

So what do you do?

Do you peel the apple to avoid pesticides or ignore your inner voice?

We say:


But what about Pesticides?

We say:


Why would we suggest NOT to peel the apple and NOT to worry about PESTICIDES?

One of the reasons is:

Apples with skin improve your blood flow. (1)

You might be wondering,

"Why would I care about my blood flow?"

You need to care because IT ALL HAS TO DO WITH SEX.

In crude terms:

GOOD blood flow = GOOD sex.

If 'GOOD SEX' is important to you, then you need to care about your blood flow.


BAD blood flow = BAD sex.

Next time you decide to PEEL your apples, remember this.

According to a Study conducted on the relationship between Apple consumption and "Sexual Quality of Life" in women, Women are affected by BAD blood flow too, which reduces lubrication and makes everything rough and unpleasant. (2)


but DO this to protect yourself:

  • Wash the apples with water.

  • Don't use Special Washing Liquid for apples. According to this -> Study -> IT DOESN'T WORK any better than water. (3)

  • Rub the apples when you wash them.

  • Use Vinegar. (4) (Apple Cider Vinegar is GREAT but Pricey!)

  • If you have a LOT OF TIME ON YOUR HANDS, Use a Salt Solution (1 cup of salt with 9 cups of water) and SOAK the apples for 20 minutes. (4)

If you still prefer to peel your apples, then


But remember,

GOOD blood flow = GOOD sex = GOOD health.

Only a small part was covered in this article in regard to apples, but we hope next time you eat a "skinless apple" you will at least know more about what you are throwing away.  

If you don't want to eat the peel, but don't feel like wasting it either...

You could always make apple peel tea or apple peel syrup.






How do you feel about Apple Peels now? 

Let us know in the comments.

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