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Some amazing books for improving your physical and mental health, personal growth, how to set goals and develop motivation.

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Health & Nutrition

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This is one of the most extensive books I've come across that shows how to prevent, and sometimes even reverse, our top killers. Ever chapter goes through one of

our common diseases. On top of the impressive science Dr.Greger shares with you, he adds his recommended "daily dozen" which forms a great foundation of a healthy diet. 

The title speaks for itself. If you enjoyed Immunity Hi, Virus Bye-Bye, you will surely appreciate Dr. Fuhrman's scientific take on immune optimization. He discusses the importance of nutrition and specific foods that help your immune system and protect against disease, including cancer. He highlights the importance of antioxidants and phytochemicals.

If you want something different from the average health book, then this might be the book for you. It offers a a positive and refreshing perspective. Darin writes with a sense of joy and love of life. "Who do you want to give your money to, the doctor or the grocer, the farmer or the pharmacist?" A motivating read that covers all facets of a healthy lifestyle.

we should eat that comes down to seven simple but liberating words: "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants." Michael Pollan's witty, informative & common sense approach is perfect if you fuss about food or have any concerns about what's healthy and what's not. It all comes down to eating real food. In the process you also learn the cause of our harmful western diet.

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Goal setting & Motivation

Mindfulness & Meditation

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