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Some amazing natural products to support your wellbeing

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Essential Oils

I love essential oils! I just use them differently from most people I think. I use them to clean out the kitchen​ and scare off uninvited 6-legged friends. I clean the floor with them and I use them as a "deodorant." Right, occasionally they go into a diffuser.

There are actually quite a few good brands on the market. The reasons I recommend the oils from CoolCow are three-fold:

  1. I trust the founder myself. I've meditated with him on several occasions and I can feel he really cares about others. Heck, one of his goals is to integrate more mindfulness/meditation practices in companies for the benefit of others. He gets happy just talking about it. When he hugs people, he hugs with his whole being. You can feel the love. 

  2. He sells high-quality water-soluble oils, which have a few advantages over conventional essential oils. Particularly great for diffusers.

  3. CoolCow's oils contain only pure ingredients.

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Vitamin D

A pure, clean and well-absorbable source of vitamin D providing a more optimal daily amount than most of the supplements on the market.

Choose between the capsule form or a handy spray.


Deva is known for producing high-quality pure algae oil. Algae oil is the cleanest source of DHA and EPA on the market. Omega-3 oils from fish oil supplements, on the other hand, face issues with contamination.