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Some amazing tools that make improving your mind & body a whole lot more pleasant and convenient.

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Health & Nutrition

Cronometer is the tool I that I recommend to my clients to track their food intake. Actually, I recommend it to anyone (who wants) to track their food to gain insight into their nutrient intake.

Notice my subtle use of brackets there? Okay, perhaps it wasn't so subtle. But that's how useful I think Cronometer is. Not for every single day, the rest of your life. But for at least a period of time until you get familiar with your nutrient intake.


Cronometer is very user-friendly and shows you all your nutrients in clear tables, so that you can see what vitamins and minerals (among others) you're getting into your diet and whether your intake is sufficient.


In my opinion:


It's the best nutrition tracker on the market, and above all, it's completely free.

And I still use it for myself periodically.

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