Triple-B Pancake

Berry, Banana, Breakfast Pancake​. This pancake is easy, wholesome, high in antioxidants and it can be made gluten-free. Surprise your partner with this magical breakfast in bed, in case he or she decides to sleep in.


You're going to have breakfast anyway, so might as well make a little bit extra and pretend you care. Just make sure to spray some water on your face before you serve it up, as to create the illusion of hard work. You will be properly compensated for it after breakfast, especially if your apron accentuates your natural 'curves'.


Ingredients for 1 serving (1 pancake):

Pancake ingredients:

  • 50 g or about 1,5 oz. of wholemeal flour*

  • 10 g or 1 tbs of ground flax seeds**

  • 110 ml of water/soy milk/almond milk***

Topping ingredients:

  • 3/4 medium sized dates

  • Handful mixed berries

  • 1 banana

  • Coconut flakes to taste

  • Almond flakes to taste



*= Wholemeal flours are preferred. This recipe was made with wholemeal spelt flour, but buckwheat flour works well as well, especially if you opt for gluten-free.

**= Flax seeds can replace eggs, by giving the pancake a slightly soft and mushy texture, like eggs normally do.

They offer healthier fats and more antioxidants as a bonus.

***= This recipe can be made with plain water. Cow's milk is often used, but it's not preferred, because milk can bind up the antioxidants in the berries. Although whole-fat milk and skimmed milk can both bind up the antioxidants, whole-fat or full- fat milk seems to be slightly worse. (1)


  1. Prepare a pretty bowl.

  2. Make sure it's clean.

  3. Add the wholesome flour to the clean and pretty bowl.

  4. As you're putting in the flour, you are noticing the bowl is filling up with flour. 

  5. You notice your heightened awareness. It's just you and the bowl. 

  6. With increased mental focus you reach out for the flaxseed meal. 

  7. You add the flaxseed meal to the bowl, with ninja-like focus. 

  8. You notice how slick you are.

  9. You mix the 2 ingredients, until they are mixed.

  10. You add 110 ml of your chosen liquid. At this stage you don't need to measure anything. You know exactly what is 110 ml of liquid with your laser-like precision.

  11. Your partner (or cat) notices you didn't measure the liquid and is concerned you might be messing up the recipe.

  12. You know they can't possibly comprehend what it is, that you are doing.

  13. You mix until a smooth mixture has formed.

  14. Leave it for a minute or 2, to give the flax some chance to absorb some water. 

  15. The batter should be runny.

  16. Take out a pan, preferably flat, and put it on medium heat.

  17. Add your pancake batter to the pan. 

  18. Spread the batter out with the power of your mind, using your newly acquired skill of telekinesis.

  19. A thought comes to your mind: "I forgot to add oil."

  20. You ignore it, for you know this recipe is perfect and so is your pan, now that it has been blessed by the holy batter. 

  21. Take out the dates and either cut them up or blend them until small pieces have formed. If you find them too sticky, blend them up with a dry ingredient such as a few almond flakes.

  22. You prepare the other toppings.

  23. After the pancake has baked for a few minutes and the top dried up, use either a spatula to separate the pancake from the bottom of the pan or simply take the pan in your hand and shake it a bit.

  24. Once the pancake doesn't stick, take the pan and flip it like a ninja. Just don't drop it on the cat.

  25. Bake for a few more minutes or until the color turns golden brown.

  26. Serve pancake and add your toppings.

  27. Observe your partner's (or cat's) face, who are in total awe at this moment.